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Contact our friendly team for a solution to any of your technical problems.

When you’re running a business, the last thing you want is for you or your team to be bogged down by is IT issues. Whether you need full-time or ad-hoc support, our friendly team will always be on-hand to help and find a solution to any of your IT problems.

unlimited support
With the unlimited support package, you pay a low monthly fee for all of your people and you know that we’ll work to resolve all of your queries.

We can even build in ‘unlimited onsite support’ if that’s something that you require.

is this right for me?
If you would like full peace-of-mind with a dedicated telephone and email support helpdesk for you and your team, then this option is for you.

ad-hoc support
With the ad-hoc support package there are no upfront fees, no minimum usage, and you can cancel at any time (you just stop calling us!).

If something’s broken and you need our help, then you can email or phone our helpdesk and report an error or raise a technical question.

is this right for me?
This support package is ideal if you know a little about what you’re doing, and want the peace of mind that projectfive can back you up when things get too difficult.


Save money with the latest solutions delivered to you directly from the Cloud.

Put simply, cloud computing means that your software and/or data is stored on the internet (the cloud) and you can access it anywhere at any time, using an internet-enabled device. This is great, cost-effective solution for many businesses.

what’s in it for me?
For a company of your size, it means you can enjoy the benefits of a hybrid-cloud solution, mixing cloud-based applications with on-site servers and applications.

One of the main reasons people use Cloud Computing is the flexibility that it offers. It enables remote working without a drop in productivity and is a solution that is completely scalable, growing with your business.

There’s no ‘one size fits all’ – it’s important to choose the right balance of Cloud-based services to suit your business. We can help you with this – give our team a call!

Sharlene Paterson

Service delivery manager

pc & mac

All the latest PCs, Macs, Software and Computer Accessories and Windows 10 installation and support.

We can help, advise and support you with the latest installations, accessories, device management and updates for your PCs or Macs.

We have a 30-strong team of experts that can provide you with support 5 days a week from 8am – 6pm.

If you’re rolling out new PCs or Macs in your office, we can transfer all your data across and get you set-up and running with no disruption. Not sure which one to go for? No problem! We can help you with that too, and work to get you the best price.

thinking of upgrading to windows 10?
We can make sure your PC is compatible with the upgrade and show you how to use it more effectively to get the most from your operating system.

cyber security & GDPR

We’ll give you peace-of-mind and help protect you from cyber security threats.

Cybercrime is a very real threat, with more than 5.8 million incidents being reported in 2016. We’re all guilty of thinking, “That won’t happen to me” – but sadly, hackers, viruses and malware don’t discriminate and we are all at risk.

But fear not – the projectfive team can help protect you!  We can make sure that you properly secure your connection with a decent Firewall and we’ll also be able to advise you on suitable antivirus solutions, which can be monitored and maintained on your behalf.

And – if you were to fall victim to a cyber-attack – you can be safe in the knowledge that we will get you back up and running as quickly as possible.

cybercrime awareness training course
Want to be more cybercrime aware? The why not join projectfive for a Cybercrime Awareness Training Course! It will help you and your team to recognise these threats and take practical measures towards making yourself – and your business – less vulnerable. You can download the full details here.

Lauren Adams

Client Delivery Team Lead


All types of network installed and maintained.

Having the right network connection will allow you to get more from your technology – which in turn, allows your business to run more efficiently.

We understand that business needs are constantly evolving, and having the right combination of wired switches, wireless access points, separate sections for guest access, phone systems and storage is important.

Let us give you what you want: a network solution that will suit your needs and grow with your business.

We can help to install new or upgrade existing networks, and provide ongoing monitoring and maintenance to ensure everything is running smoothly and reliably.

Chris Moore

Dev Ops Manager


Your servers, fully managed, with out-of-hours updates.

With 24/7 managed monitoring, you can be safe in the knowledge that you have a team of experts looking after your server.

it’s all under control
By allowing projectfive to remotely manage your server, you are free to go about your everyday work, safe in the knowledge that we are being alerted to any errors that are occurring and correcting them for you.

remote server support
Remote Server Support is provided by our technical helpdesk, with escalation through our technical team to the major hardware and software vendors.

on-site server support
On-site Server Support is provided as and when necessary if a problem cannot be fixed remotely.


Fully-automated back-ups to keep your data safe.

We specialise in providing online backup, data management services (including data retention policy advice), management and storage, business continuity services and emergency data recovery.

forget about back-up
Wait, what?! We’ve all had it drummed into us that it’s important to back-up your data – and of course, it is. But in the event of an IT failure, what’s more important is the ability to RESTORE.

restore the important stuff first…
When you think about your data in terms of ‘restore’, then you can quickly prioritise what is most important.

For most, the critical IT services are Email and Telephony. Any failure there, and you need those services restored in a matter of minutes.

Once you’ve restored your email and telephone communications, then it’s on to your ‘line of business’ applications.

Think about what your business needs to function – and how quickly can you restore it. We can talk you through what would be the best back-up option for a business of your size.

Rob Butcher

Commercial manager


High-speed, reliable connections for every budget.

Almost everything we do in business today relies on a connection to the internet, particular with the increased use of Cloud-based services. So when that connection is ‘taken away’, we feel lost…not to mention stressed by the dip in productivity.

fibre broadband + cable connectivity
Superfast fibre broadband (or in tech-speak, FTTC – ‘Fibre to the Cabinet’); and, Cable Broadband have been around for some time and are available in many more places now.

what does this mean for me?
The knock-on effect for as business of your size is a cost-reduction in the traditional Leased-Line connections.

We will make sure you have the best connection for your business, and can negotiate on your behalf.


Full-featured VoIP telephone systems using Cisco.

what is VoIP?
VoIP stands for Voice over IP and simply describes the method for modern telephone systems to send data (by using the Internet).

what’s so good about it?
With a good VoIP solution, you can transmit multiple telephone calls across the same wire.

Because a VoIP telephone solution is a lot more ‘IT’ than ‘old-style-telephones’, you can then integrate your telephone system with the rest of your business much easier. For example, you can click on a phone number in an email, and your telephone can place the call for you

Or, you can have incoming calls ‘announce’ themselves by showing the name of the person calling on your computer screen (maybe even linked to your database, with the call automatically logged and recorded).

And you don’t have to buy the ‘server’ – you can have that hosted in the cloud, and just pay per-month/per-user – this will save you the capital expense of buying the system, and the ongoing expense of upgrading as your business grows.

business continuity
VoIP telephones systems are superb for business continuity. If you have to leave your office for whatever reason (fire alarm, heavy snow or loss of power), you can have your business calls routed to your mobile until you can plug into an internet connection and carry on working.

office moves

We’ll manage your major upgrades, installations and office refurbishments.

We understand that moving offices can be a tense time – particularly for your IT support staff, who are often the first onsite (installing cabling and moving your IT infrastructure) and the last to leave (once every member of staff can login to their PC, answer their phones, and print to the nearest printer).

let us take the pressure off
The team at projectfive can take the stress out of your major upgrades, installations and office refurbishments.

We’ve moved offices twice ourselves and we’ve also helped companies ranging from 15 people to 150+ people move – we know what we’re doing and we won’t leave until the job is done.

“Working with Steve and the team on a large office fit out, IT installation and 350 user moves has been brilliant. He and his team are completely driven to do a great job and they do it with energy, resilience and a laugh. From strategy to screwdriver, the detail could not have been better attended to.” Teresa Kennedy, IT Project Manager,    Acquisitions Capita Workplace Services.

Laura Weir

Finance assistant

audio visual

Microphones, Touchscreens, Projectors and video – everything you need to get your message across.

No matter what size your business is, we understand the important of getting your message across.

first impressions count
Whether you want a screen on the wall to monitor your sales and motivate your team, or digital signage to welcome customers or showcase your business at an exhibition – the projectfive team will make sure you look professional, because we understand that first impressions count.

making it work for you
From microphones, plasma screens and projectors, through to speakers, laptops and Smart Boards – we can find the right device to suit your needs (and your budget), we’ll install it and make sure it’s working the way you want it to.


Bespoke websites designed to bring you more business.

Your website is one of the most important elements of your business. Yes, it tells people about the services you provide – but it also gives people an insight into who you are as a company. And this can be just as vital in winning new business.

make your website work harder
A website is about more than just looking good – it needs to be designed to engage visitors, drive them to where you want them to go and ultimately result in increased business.

track your traffic
With tools such as Google Analytics, you can track how many visitors you have each day, how they’re finding your website, which pages are of most interest and which visits are being converted into new business.

we know what works
We’re not a web-design agency (and we would never pretend to be) – but we do know what works.

We’re here to help bring the right mix of IT, Design, Marketing and Business Process to each and every website project.

what size is
your business?
what size is your business?