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Privacy Notice – Server Monitoring


Data we collect and hold:
We do not collect any personal data for the Server Monitoring service.

Data of yours that we have access to:
Our staff will have access to your data on Servers using the following methods:

This enables us to provide the services specified in our contract.


Our staff have all signed confidentiality documents and will only access the files / areas of your device that are relevant for providing support. The confidentiality of your data is also covered in more detail in the Terms & Conditions associated with the contract.

Data is not transferred except with express permission.


*TeamViewer GmBH are a European company. Please see TeamViewer’s privacy policy here: 


Service Location:
We use a 3rd party backup tool called Solarwinds for parts of the server monitoring service. This tool is web-based and is encrypted and protected with two-factor authentication for all logins. Any data within this tool is held within a secure datacentre managed by Rackspace Ltd. and all data remains in the UK.

Solarwinds’ privacy policy is available to view here:

Rackspace Ltd’s privacy policy is available to view here:


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