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Privacy Notice – ManagedBackup (Server) DATTO


Data we collect and hold:
We do not collect any personal data for the ManagedBackup service.

Data of yours that we have access to:
We perform an online backup of the data on your servers that you specify, which may contain personal data. We don’t have access to this data directly within the online backup system. We will have access to data when we perform a restore of your data.

Data restores:
We perform regular restore tests in order to test the integrity of the backup and to assess that data will be recoverable when needed. We only restore system file data to ensure that personal data is not restored. This is also deleted from our systems as soon as the restore has been verified as successful.

Any other data that is restored is done so only at the request of an authorised individual.

Location of backup data held:
We use a 3rd party backup tool from Datto for the ManagedBackup online service. This tool is web-based and is encrypted. All backup data is stored primarily within UK datacentres with replication within EU datacentres.

Datto comply with the EU-US Privacy Shield.

Data usage: 
The data held is used only for the purposes within the contract.

We do not pass any data to anyone who is not associated with the contract or service provided.

Data retention:
Data is removed from the online system immediately following removal of a device from the service, either due to a server being retired, or following the termination of the contract.

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