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Privacy Notice – Hosted Exchange (US)


Data collected and stored by projectfive:
We hold the first name and surname and company email addresses of individuals, whom you have specified, that require an email address.

Location of data stored by projectfive:
The above data is held in an encrypted database stored in the EU, and may also be held in documents (both paper and digital) such as contracts, service orders, and device build sheets. These are held at our offices in Camberley.

Details of service location:
The exchange servers where your emails are hosted are provided by Intermedia Inc.

Exchange data (emails, contacts etc) are stored in US datacenters.

Intermedia Inc. are fully compliant with the EU-US Privacy Shield.

Data usage:
The data held is used only for the purposes within the contract, and we may use this data to contact people to help support them, or to provide information that we feel is important to the service. Contact may be made by phone or email.

We do not pass any data to anyone who is not associated with the contract or service provided.

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