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Privacy Policy – Device Management (Basic)


Data we collect and hold: 

Location of data held:
We use a 3rd party management tool called Solarwinds for the Device Management service. This tool is web-based in the US and is encrypted and protected with two-factor authentication for all logins. The data within this tool is held within a secure datacentre managed by Rackspace Ltd. and all data remains in the UK.

Solarwinds’ privacy policy is available to view here:

Rackspace Ltd’s privacy policy is available to view here:

Data usage:
The data held is used only for the purposes within the contract, and we may use this data to contact people to support them, or to provide information that we feel is important to the service. Contact may be made by phone or email.

We do not pass any data to anyone who is not associated with the contract or service provided.

Data retention:
Data is removed from the system immediately following removal of a device from the service, either due to a device being retired, or following the termination of the contract.

Data we have access to:
The Management tool allows us to see the usage of the devices monitored. As such, we may be able to:

This enables us to provide the services specified in our contract.   

We also store selected amounts of your data in Solarwinds’ online backup service. We have no ability to view this data through the system, and any data restores are done only with express permission.

Our staff have all signed confidentiality documents and will only access the files / areas of your device that are relevant for providing support. The confidentiality of your data is also covered in more detail in the Terms & Conditions associated with the contract.  


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