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Forms word cloud poll for Teams meeting
September 13, 2021

Microsoft have announced that the Forms poll in Teams meeting will soon have a new question type – word cloud.

They have said that this question type can significantly improve your meeting engagement by involving everyone into the meeting.

When is this taking place?
This will start to be rolled out late September, with a finish date of early October.

How does it work?
Word Cloud Poll in Teams can significantly improve your meeting engagement. This is an excellent way to reflect audience opinions/feeling within the crowd.

Previously, Forms poll in Teams meeting only had the option of a multiple-choice poll and quiz. With this release, there will be an additional question type, a word cloud poll. If you are the presenter, this will allow you to set up an open-ended question to collect attendees’ opinion.

  • For authoring page (Poll owner experience)
    • The poll owner will be able to set up a word cloud poll question on the authoring page.
    • Sharing results:
      • In order to improve meeting engagement, the default setting will be set to “share word cloud with respondents”.
      • If a presenter doesn’t want to share results with attendees they can change the setting and unselect the “share word cloud with respondents” setting.
  • For answer bubble (Attendee experience)
    • Attendees will be able to view the word cloud view on the answer page. There will be two ways for attendees to interact with the word cloud poll:
      • Directly typing a word to be added to the word cloud
      • Ability to “Thumbs Up” a specific word in the word cloud view.

Image is not our own. Image courtesy of Microsoft, taken from Message Center email: Major Change Update Notification.




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