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Mercedes Oliveira

graphic designer

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Zoom’s new features
November 4, 2020

I think most of us would agree that since Covid-19 has changed the way we all work, the two platforms that have emerged as clear winners are Zoom and Microsoft Teams.

We are huge fans of Teams, not just for it’s video-calling capabilities, but for it’s enhancement of collaborative working – something which is essential now most of us are working from home.

But the team at Zoom have added some new updates which may just mean they win the best video-calling platform, experience. Here’s what’s new:

End-to-end Encryption

This means that no one will have the keys to your video call – not even Zoom themselves. Not even Teams can boast this (they do have encryption, but it’s not end-to-end). Game. Changer.

This feature is optional (although why wouldn’t you use it?) and can be switched on t the account, group and user level.


Immersive Scenes
As a rival feature to Teams’ Together Mode, Immersive Scenes allows the host to set a custom background for the meeting (such as a classroom) and participant videos are embedded within that scene.


A new tool that connects other apps directly in Zoom.


Zoom Rooms Smart Gallery 
A full suite of collaboration features, designed to enhance communication between remote and office workers.


Which is your go-to video-calling platform?



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