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Meeting chat moderation settings in Teams
October 28, 2020

Microsoft are updating the meeting options to allow a meeting organiser to manage participants ability to chat prior to, during and after a meeting.

How will this effect you and your organisation?
Firstly, its worth noting that the meeting organiser will have control of this feature.

You, as the meeting organiser, will be able to set the ‘Allow meeting chat’ setting within the meeting options. This will enable you to manage participants ability to chat prior, during and after a meeting.

Image is not our own. Image courtesy of Microsoft, taken from Message Center email: Meeting chat moderation settings












There is three options for this setting:

  1. On – This is the default setting and allows chat at any times
  2. Off – This will make meeting chat read only and no one can send messages in the chat, including the organiser.
  3. During the meeting only – Meeting participants can send messages during the meeting only and the organiser can send messages all the time.


What can you expect this update?
This update will start roll out mid November and will be complete by the end of November. There is nothing you need to do to prepare for this update.

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