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Microsoft Teams: updates and new features
October 14, 2020

We love that the people at Microsoft are constantly improving the Teams experience with updates and new features.

Here’s what you need to know:

Teams Meeting invitation formatting update
The familiar Microsoft Teams Meeting join details sent out with every meeting invitation email is getting a formatting update, with clearer language to help ensure a better join experience for meeting participants.

“Join Microsoft Teams Meeting” is being replaced with “Click here to join the meeting”.

Ability to appear ‘offline’ as new presence status 
Microsoft are adding the ability for you to appear as offline. This feature does not alter how the product works; it helps you to set expectations with your network that you are unlikely to respond right now.


End of meeting notification 
As a meeting participant, you will soon be alerted when there are five minutes remaining in a scheduled meeting. This is an informational notification and will not automatically end the meeting.

This was originally planned to roll-out late September, and has now been scheduled for mid-October with completion by early November.


Prevent attendees from unmuting in Teams meetings
If you’re a meeting organiser or presenter, you can now prevent attendees from unmuting themselves.

Before the meeting, if you’re the organiser, you will see a new setting on the meeting options page titled “Allow attendees to unmute.” This can be toggled before the meeting starts to ensure attendees cannot unmute themselves during the meeting. By default “Allow attendees to unmute” is on, i.e. attendees can unmute themselves freely during the meeting.

During the meeting, you (as organiser) and any presenter will be able to change whether all attendees can unmute or not from the “…” menu at the top of the participant list. If an attendee needs to unmute, the attendee can raise their hand and an option to “Allow to unmute” that attendee will be present on right-click of the attendee in the participant list or main meeting stage.


Teams meeting participant report updates
There are two main updates:

  1. Download point changed from roster view
    The Teams meeting organiser can download the Attendance Report from the meeting chat once the meeting is over.
    Only the meeting organiser will see the Attendance Report. The recording, transcript and participant list will be grouped together in chat if the meeting is recorded. Otherwise, only the participant list will be available in chat.
  2. New participant data
    The report will now include these data points: duration, email address, meeting start time, and meeting title.



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