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It’s a dog’s life
September 17, 2020

We love a feel-good story, and this one doesn’t disappoint!

Our Finance Assistant, Laura, has been making the most of her time during part-time furlough by adopting a dog and becoming a foster carer for dogs before they’re re-homed.

Here she tells us all about it…

What made you decide to adopt a rescue dog and why from Chimney Farm Dog Rescue?
We had been thinking of getting a second dog to join our family for a while now but just couldn’t seem to find the right one. We already had Ramsey, who is a Cane Corso and he’s such a sociable dog that we knew he’d love company.

We wanted a rescue dog, but the ones we liked always seemed to be snapped up so quickly that we missed our chance.  I heard about Chimney Farm Rescue and the work that they do through a friend, so had a look on their website.

They’re a wonderful charity that rescue dogs from the UK and abroad, that have had very sad starts to their lives and are in need of new homes and owners, to help re-build their love and trust.


How did you choose Bella?
Bella was a new arrival.  She had only been in the country for a week and she looked so sorry for herself, but so sweet.  She had been found living under a caravan as a puppy and had been in a shelter ever since.  She was 5 (ish) years old and had very little human contact.

She had never known a comfy bed or a warm home or a family to love her.  Her story melted my heart.  She needed a lot of work, time and patience to bring her out of her shell and help her learn to enjoy life. But I knew I had the time and patience to commit to her.



What happened when she first came to you –  how long did it take to see a change and how did Ramsey behave with her?
When she first arrived with us she was so scared and shut down she wouldn’t even get off her bed for a drink.  Every day was a challenge as she didn’t trust humans and was nervous of our every move.  But, with each day, she slowly learned that we were good humans and she realised that she was here to stay.  It was almost like she was thinking to herself ‘this is too good to be true!’

There have been many milestones with her, such as being brave enough to go for a walk on a harness and lead, not being scared to get out of her bed and drink from Ramsey’s water bowl and more recently, she’s been sleeping on our bed and has discovered that she loves to play with Ramsey!

Ramsey has been amazing with her.  Immediately, he instinctively knew she was different and he’s been so gentle.  She was wary of him at first because he’s such a big dog, but they are now best friends.  Its taken us just over 3 months to get where we are with her and there is still lots to do.  She is still wary of strangers and other dogs when we are out. But, she is slowly overcoming each fear with each day.

Bella and Ramsey


What’s the most rewarding thing about adopting a dog?
The most rewarding thing for me is to see her living her best life when she is playing with Ramsey.  Seeing how happy she is on a walk and how fat she’s getting with regular meals – and the fact that she is just enjoying life!


And you’ve just taken on another challenge with Chimney Farm, haven’t you?
Yep, I’m now a foster carer for dogs, prior to being re-homed!  A new puppy, Emma, arrived with me on Saturday.  She was so scared and timid and I am now going to help her adjust so she will be ready for her forever home.  I’m using my new found skills to help her find her confidence, so she can take on the challenge of living with a family.



What advice would you give to others thinking of adopting a dog? 
If you feel you have the time and patience to help one of these dogs have a better life, please do.  It really is the best thing I have ever done.  Take a look at the Chimney Farm Rescue website and if you can’t commit to a dog, then please donate; every penny helps.

They are doing such vital work to help dogs from abroad get a better life.  They help foreign rescue centres in so many of ways with medical supplies and treatment, food, better living conditions, neutering and so much more, so if you can, please support them.


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