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The Lists app in Teams
August 21, 2020

Microsoft have announced that the Lists app will be available in Teams by the end of October.

What does this mean for me?
This means you can bring lists from the team SharePoint sites into channels and have conversations and collaborations around list items. With this app, you can work on your favourite lists from within Teams.

Image is not our own. Image courtesy of Microsoft, taken from Message Center email: Major Change Update Notification


After adding the Lists app, you can carry out all functions that you normally would in Microsoft Lists (home) and SharePoint lists, including adding/editing columns, filtering, sorting, formatting, and exporting to Excel.

  • Create a new list which will reside in the team site, and pin the list to the channel tab
  • Pin any existing list they have access to the (the or a) tab
  • Start a channel conversation about a list item after clicking the list to see a full stage view.

Lists created using the Lists app and Lists created in SharePoint are identical.


This feature is on by default and will be pre-installed for all Teams users and is available directly in the tab gallery of every team and channel.

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