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The new Edge browser
July 20, 2020

Microsoft have unveiled the new Edge browser, which will be arriving by the end of July.

So what is it – and why now?
This is the new and improved version of Microsoft’s web browser, that is responding to the way in which the world has changed in the last 6 months.

This initially started rolling out to Widows 10 devices (via an update) back in January, but wasn’t pushed out to education or business devices.

But the world we find ourselves in now, is very different to the one back in January – with the huge shift to remote working and virtual classrooms thanks to Covid-19, Microsoft say that,

“IT departments must be equipped to protect their schools and organizations in this new hyper-digital environment. To address these changed conditions, we are making our new browser—with the latest security features—more broadly available through Windows Update.”

When will this roll out?
From 30th July, the new version of Edge, will begin rolling out via a Windows 10 updates, to devices in education and business.

Education devices will take precedence, to make sure everything is in place for the start of the new term, with a timeline for businesses being released shortly after.

But, you can already manually download it and start using it now.


What’s new?
New logo: with the new browser comes a brand, new logo.

Security: The new Edge will be a faster, more modern browser in terms of delivering security updates, which means security can be more responsive.

Multiple profiles: although the lines between work, home and school have blended, you data doesn’t need to. The new Edge comes with multiple user profiles, that you can switch between with the click of a button.

Collections: a new feature that allows more visual learners to track key links.

More intelligent searches: using Microsoft Search in Bing will save you lots of time time tracking down internal documents or files by simply typing what you’re looking for into the address bar, just as you would search the web. You can search for people in your organisation, files, groups and locations.

Vertical tabs: you can switch up your orientation by having vertical tabs, instead of along the bottom of your screen.

Optimised for Windows 10: you can sync your passwords, favourites and settings across multiple devices.


With the new Edge, it seems that Microsoft are keen to make your work day more efficient, less stressful and your overall experience more integrated. And in a new world where the lines between work, home and school are blurred, maybe this is just what we need?

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