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Teams Updates: Lobby Control, Information Pane & Pinned Posts
June 19, 2020

As remote working has now become a part of everyday life, Microsoft Teams has been invaluable in keeping us all connected and productive. Here are three updates that will do just that:

Meeting Organisers Lobby Control

With more and more of us using video calls as the main method for communicating, the team at Microsoft are continually making adjustments and improvements to enhance the platform.

At the end of July, Teams meeting organisers will have greater control over their meetings, by making it possible to require all participants to wait in the lobby.

Once you’ve scheduled a new meeting, you can change the meeting option to Only me.

This will allow you, as the organiser, to manage who is allowed into your meeting.














New Information Pane 
When you’re in a Team, click the “Channel info” icon in the channel header and a new information pane will open, showing you a channel summary, including the channel description and a list of recent contributors and members. This means you’ll have all relevant information about the channel at the click of a button.

Image credit: courtesy of Microsoft















Pinned Posts
You will be able to pin any channel message to the channel information pane for all members to see (unless this feature has been disabled in the channel moderation settings). This will make it easier to for members to find important information within a channel.

Image credit: courtesy of Microsoft


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