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Mercedes Oliveira

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Zoom updates
April 21, 2020

Zoom have announced new features that will ensure security and privacy whilst using the app.

A security toolbar icon for hosts
Now, a meeting host will have security options in their meeting controls, this means that all of Zoom’s current in-meeting security controls will be in one place. Some of these features include locking the meeting and being able to enable a Waiting Room in a meeting even if this feature was not enabled before the start of a meeting.

Invite button on Meeting Toolbar
There will now be a button at the bottom of the ‘Participants’ panel which will allow you to invite others to join your Zoom meeting.

Meeting ID No Longer Displayed
You will no longer see the meeting ID in the title bar of a Zoom meeting window. If you want to find the meeting ID you will need to click on ‘Participants’, then ‘Invite’ or you can find it by clicking the info icon at the top left of the window.

Remove Attendee Attention Tracking Feature
Zoom has now removed the attendee attention tracker feature to ensure the security and privacy of all the users.

File Transfers
The option to do third-party transfers in Meeting and Chat was temporarily disabled. With the latest release, local file transfer is available. Third party transfers and clickable URL’s in a meeting chat will be added back in as a feature in an upcoming release.

New Join Flow for the Web client
Users will now need to sign in to their Zoom account or create an account when they are joining a meeting with the Web client. This can be disabled by Admin or the User within their settings page.

Join before host emails disabled
Zoom have disabled notifications that were sent to the host, via email, when the participants of a meeting are waiting for the host to join the meeting.

Setting to allow participants to rename themselves
The account admins and hosts of meetings can now disable participants from renaming themselves in a meeting. This is available at the account, group and user level in the web portal.

Naming convention for the different directories
The naming convention of the different directories has now changed. ‘Directory’ is now referred to as ‘Contacts’, ‘My Groups’ has changed to ‘My Contacts’ finally, ‘Company Directory’ will now be ‘All Contacts’.

Domain Contacts Visibility
This update is for free basic and single licensed Pro accounts with unmanaged domains. Contacts in the same domain will no longer be visible. The Auto populate option in the Contacts list with users from the same domain will now be removed. Don’t worry if you want to keep those contacts as you can add them as external contacts.


It is important to note that you must update to the latest version of Zoom to be able to take full advantage of these new features.

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