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Mercedes Oliveira

graphic designer

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Cybercrime during the Covid-19 Pandemic
April 15, 2020

Cyber Crime is incredibly prevalent and upsetting crime at the best of times, but scams that play on people’s fears about Covid-19 are exceptionally distasteful at the moment.


We’ve seen recent attempts from criminals such as:


  • Emails pretending to come from the UK Government asking for voluntary donations to the NHS through a fake link.
  • Emails pretending to come from the UK Government offering Tax Refunds and Grants.
  • Fake Doctors going door-to-door carrying out apparent Covid-19 Tests, and charging people an admin fee for the results.
  • Online Shopping Scams where the ‘suppliers’ are offering protective face masks, hand sanitiser and other products that never arrive.
  • Emails offering fake refunds on cancelled Sports Events and Concerts/Festivals/Gigs.
  • Emails pretending to come from the World Health Organisation (WHO) offering fake newsletters or infection lists to those who sign-up.


The other factor that’s contributing to the problem is the isolation caused when people work from home.  Without a colleague sat next to you, there’s no-one to ask for an opinion if a phishing or fake email is received.  So, we’re seeing an increasing number of people falling for these scams, as there’s no one to offer advice to those of us who are less computer-savvy.


Remember your Cyber Crime Awareness Training.  If you’ve attended one of our sessions with Steve, then you’ll remember that there’s three main pieces of information that you need to check in the Email Header – the Display Name, the Sender’s Email Address, and the Reply-To Email Address (after you’ve decided to reply).


Then, you need to be looking at the Domain Name that’s shown in the email’s links and checking that it’s correct (remember to look for the first forward-slash ( / ), and work backwards to look at the ‘Top Level Domain’ that it has come from).


If you haven’t had your Cyber Crime Awareness Training yet, then courses will restart once our office classroom re-opens.  But, in the meantime, ask if you’re unsure.

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