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Mercedes Oliveira

graphic designer

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Microsoft Teams updates
April 9, 2020

Microsoft have announced that they will be adding new features to improve the overall experience of Teams.

Background effects in Teams video meetings

You will be able to select an image to use as your background when making a Video Call in Microsoft Teams. You can choose a background image before the call starts or even during a call.

Changing the Background is a feature that Zoom has – so it’s good to see Microsoft catching up.  Zoom still needs to improve its security/encryption and its integration with Outlook though.  So, for us, we think Microsoft Teams still has the edge on Zoom.

From our experience, adding in a virtual background can be a bit of fun when on video calls, or incredibly useful if your background is cluttered and you would prefer to use a plain, professional setting for your video call. Some people even use a background that includes their company logo.

This update will begin rolling out in mid-April.



New experience for launching instant channel meetings

There will be a ‘Meet Now’ button at the top right of the Channel header. This is going to encourage collaborative working within your team as the option to have impromptu meetings is easily accessible.

This ‘feature update’ will start rolling out towards the end of April.


Improved experience when launching a Teams Meeting.

When you launch a Teams meeting from a link, you’ll be given the choice of how you would like to join the meeting (using a Windows App, a web-browser, or the Microsoft Teams app). This will simplify things for inexperienced Teams users (for example, an external person who you’ve invited to their first Teams Meeting).

This will update will start rolling out in late April.


There is nothing you need to do to prepare for these updates – they will be installed automatically.


We’re really excited to see these changes that Microsoft are planning with the Teams Meeting experience and can’t wait to try them out for ourselves.


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