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Tips for staying sane whilst working from home
April 6, 2020

As the Coronavirus continues and working remotely becomes the new norm, the lines between work and home are becoming increasingly blurred.

Here are some tips from the projectfive team, for staying sane while you work-from-home:


Get showered, get dressed and start the day as you would do normally. Sounds obvious, but it’s so tempting to log on whilst still in your PJs! ‘Getting ready for work’ shifts your mindset towards being professional and productive.
Suzanne, Marketing Manager

Do some exercise before you start your working day. We are so used to going out, driving, walking to the office so we need to find another way to get the blood flowing to body and brain!
Sadie, Graphic Designer

Move, move, move! Stand up regularly and walk at lunchtime.  Dining room / kitchen chairs are not providing the back support that we normally get from our office chairs. So moving around is really important.
Lauren, Helpdesk Engineer

Having a break is important. Leave your mobile phone at home when you’re out walking at lunch, so that you don’t spend the whole time on the phone and checking e-mails!
Simon, Team Leader

Wear shoes and then take them off to mark “getting home”.  Perhaps also change an item of clothing for the same reason. I’m doing this and it works!
Susie, Client Account Manager

Log off – At the end of the day, make sure you close your laptop (or put it away out of sight), tidy your work-space mentally shut down for the day (especially on a Friday). Having everything out makes it too tempting just to check stuff…..and then you get sucked back in!
Andrew, Solution Architect

Make time for yourself – with the lines between home and work now merged, it’s easy to end up tied to your laptop for 12 hours a day. Make some time to do something for you. Go for a walk during your lunch break, sit in the garden or curl up with a book.
Sylvie, Helpdesk Engineer

Stay connected – having video calls is a nice way of keeping in touch and having a bit of social interaction to break up the day. Feeling connected is vital when you’re working from home, especially if you live on your own.
Gareth, Technical Engineer

Acknowledge the small wins – it’s all about small wins at the moment. Making the bed and getting showered/ dressed is my benchmark for the morning. Going for a walk in the afternoon gives me something to look forward on a daily basis.
Chris, Client Account Manager

Be grateful – we’re home, we’re safe and we’re connected. Remembering all the things we do have, rather than focusing on what’s been taken away will help us all get through the next few months.
Laura, Finance Assistant




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