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How to ensure your employee’s home PCs have the right level of security
March 19, 2020

Our experience of helping people with their Remote Working this week has uncovered a number of challenges. One is ‘how to ensure that employee’s home PCs have the right level of security’.

In a world with GDPR this is very important.

But, good news! We’ve worked hard with our suppliers and, at short notice, have been able to create a solution.

We can now offer a version of our Device Management protection that’s suitable for Home PCs – and offer it on a temporary contract.

This service will apply the basic Security Fixes, add Firewall protection, and even include the same Anti-Virus as you have on your office-based PCs.

Please get in touch with us ASAP if you’d like this service enabled for you.

PLEASE NOTE: This is for existing Customers only.


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