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Mercedes Oliveira

graphic designer

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Working from Home: A Survival Guide
March 18, 2020

As more and more of us are starting to self-isolate and work from home as Covid-19 unfolds, it’s becoming increasingly apparent that there are two very important needs at play: 1) we need to be able to be effective in doing our jobs and 2) we need to feel (emotionally) connected.


We’ve pulled together a list of some of the most useful apps that will support you in getting your job done, and feeling like you’re still part of the team whilst you work-from-home:


Teams – part of O365, this is a brilliant way to stay connected to your colleagues and work collaboratively. You can make video and audio calls, particularly useful as more of us start to work from home.


Zoom – offers a full suite of video conferencing and communication tools for businesses.


OneDrive/SharePoint/Drop Box – easy to use and great for sharing, syncing and storing files.


OneNote – a brilliant app within O365 for note taking, sharing and collaborating. Think of it as your digital notebook.


To-Do – a great app for keeping track of your (probably) busier-than-usual to-do list. You can also set up shared lists if you’re working on projects (from afar) with team members.


VoIP telephone system – you can have calls routed to your mobiles to allow you and your colleagues to continue providing your customers with the same level of service that they have come to expect


Social media – don’t underestimate the value of staying in contact if you’re self-isolating or working remotely. We’re all in this together and feeling connected is good for your emotional wellbeing.


LinkedIn – we’re finding this is helping a lot with the social isolation aspect of remote working – posting something and people commenting makes you feel part of a community. Plus, it helps you keep a finger-on-the-pulse with fellow business contacts, as things develop.


WhatsApp – feeling connected is just as much a part of working-from-home, as productivity. Check in with teammates and friends, keep each other smiling, share your concerns and remind yourself that we’re all in this together.


If you have any others to add to the list, leave a comment and let us know what’s working well for you!

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