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‘Request Files’ in OneDrive for Business
November 21, 2019

Microsoft are introducing a “Request Files” command for folders on the OneDrive for Business web experience.

This feature will allow you to ask another user to place files into a specific folder that you own. The folder must be in your own OneDrive for Business.

Here’s how it works…

  1. To request files, select the folder you want the recipient to use and click Request Files.
  2. Add a description of the files you’re requesting, then click Next.
  3. Type the email of the person from whom your are requesting files or copy the link.

Image courtesy of Microsoft

After the recipient clicks on the invitation link, they can select their files to upload.

You will then be able to see all the collected files, but the person you sent the request to will only be able to upload files. They won’t be able to access any content within the selected folder and won’t be able to modify their own uploads once the upload has been submitted.

You will then get an email when the recipient submits files to the folder.

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