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Mercedes Oliveira

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Skimming your Contactless Card – it’s easier than you think!
October 4, 2019

Contactless payment cards are great – but they have opened up a hotbed of activity for criminals, who are skimming people’s contactless cards using a device that can pick up your card details – even when you card is ‘safely’ tucked away in your wallet which is in your bag.

You need to watch this video (courtesy of SkimSafe) to see how easily this can happen:


Pretty scary, right?

projectfive are here to help!
With this threat in mind, we designed a Help Me card for our customers. It’s credit card sized and acts as a Contactless Card Protector – a simple and effective way of keeping your contactless payment cards safe.

How does it work?
Simply pop the Help Me card into your wallet, next to your debit or credit cards. It blocks the RFID (radio-frequency identification system) signals which are collected by fraudsters, to skim and extract your personal data. The card will also protect up to 3 or 4 other cards in the same wallet.

Why is this important?
The chip in your contactless card can be read remotely from a distance of up to five feet, without you knowing. Which is pretty scary stuff! You’ve just seen in the video how easy this is to do.

By keeping this card in their wallets, our customers always have our contact details to hand, plus the reassurance that they are protected against digital theft or accidental payment.

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