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Mercedes Oliveira

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Work Experience: giving something back
July 18, 2019

As well as fixing computers and keeping our customers’ technology running smoothly, we’re big believers in giving something back.

This can be in the form of supporting local charities, running our own charity networking event or lending our time to help others.

And that’s just what we did last week when Alex joined us for a week’s work experience.

We asked Alex to share his experience of a week in the office.

What did you want to get from your week of work experience at projectfive?
I really wanted to gain a better understanding of what a modern business looked like – and what it was like to work in.

And did anything surprise you in first impressions?
I really didn’t expect to be as included as I have been! For example, I was given my own desk in the office for the entire week and allowed to make it my own. On top of this everyone here has gone out of their way to say hello and be genuinely friendly, which is a credit to the company and its culture.

So what did you get up to during the week?
I feel I have been really lucky in the way I have been treated and how much of the business I have been allowed to get involved in. I started the week with the finance team, going through invoices and digitally filing them which really helped me get an insight into what money gets spent on and the organization that goes into it.

I was then privileged enough to join the Business Development team, where I was introduced to how the Marketing department use social media and content marketing to raise brand awareness and attract new clients.  Their core values of Help People, Make Friends, Stand Out, was really evident in every aspect of what they do.

I then spent some time with Susie (Business Development Executive) and Steve (the MD) and they explained the process of meeting potential clients and what happens during the on-boarding process.

Towards the end of the week I spent time with Sadie, projectfive‘s Graphic Designer, who taught me how to use Photoshop and After Effects to create my own animation/promotional video. This was really great experience, as I’d never used these programs before and I was able to produce something that gave me a lovely memento of my time at projectfive.

What did you take away from your week at projectfive?
I have thoroughly enjoyed the experience and  learnt a lot about business as a whole, which I will take with me through my University course of Business Management or Business and Accounting. I do feel that this week has given me an edge over other people my age, and I’ll take away with me valuable experience that I can use in my future career, no matter what I decide to do.

I’d like to thank everyone at projectfive for having me and making me feel a part of the family. I had a really fun week, packed full of new information and skills that I can use moving forwards.

What advice would you give to anyone about to undertake work experience?
Be curious, ask questions and don’t be afraid to say what you’d like to learn more about.


Thank you for spending the week with us Alex, it was a pleasure having you and we wish you all the best for your future!

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