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Mercedes Oliveira

graphic designer

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What’s the problem with Millennials?
April 30, 2019


They’re entitled.

They’re impatient.

They change jobs regularly.

They’re a problem to manage in the workplace.

Or are they..?

Actually, in our experience at projectfive, they’re none of these things.

We hire a lot of young people that would fit into the ‘Millennial’ category, but they’re superstars.  They’re knowledgeable, capable, energetic, inquisitive and keen to make a difference.

In fact, many of our apprentices and interns go on to become full-time members of the team and stay with us for years.

So why do millennials in the workplace get such bad press?

Perhaps we need to flip our thinking. All youngsters need guidance to help them settle in the early phase of their career – and, that responsibility often falls to people in their first management positions.

So, we have inexperienced managers leading inexperienced workers – and it’s the youngsters who are getting the blame!

Our MD, Steve, recently presented at an Institute of Directors event and spoke about ‘The problem with Millennials’ – take a look at this short video, as he challenges us to accept that the struggles that Generation Z are facing in the work-place are the same difficulties that youngsters have always faced. We need to ensure our Generation Y (our first-time managers) are given the support, guidance and coaching that they need to help the youngsters (Generation Z) understand the workplace.


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