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Mercedes Oliveira

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The dangers of Cloud storage with no back-up
March 18, 2019

MySpace, one of the first social networks, recently admitted to losing 12 years’ worth of data during a server migration.

The message on its website said “any photos, videos and audio files” that were uploaded more than 3 years ago may no longer be available.

Ouch. That’s got to sting. As one user tweeted,

Wiped out, just like that…

In fact, this seemingly innocuous tweet perfectly highlights the dangers of relying solely on cloud storage with no back-up. With one ‘technical hitch’, an entire chunk of your digital life can be wiped out, just like that.

But it’s in the cloud, so I’m ok, right?

Wrong! A lot of people think that if your photos and videos are stored in the cloud, then you’re safe. But as the MySpace debacle proves, that’s simply not the case.

What if the company that holds your data goes bust? What if they suffer a data loss like MySpace?

Without additional back-up in place, you won’t have any access to your data anymore. Think how many thousands of photos you have stored on your phone. And that’s just photos. That doesn’t account for videos or audio files. That’s a lot of memories to lose.

What can I do?

There are various 3rd party storage tools that you can use to back up cloud storage. If you’re a projectfive customer and you want advice on any of this, you can give our friendly team a call on 01276 455455.

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