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Outlook’s ‘Autocomplete’ being replaced by ‘Recent People’
December 18, 2018

Outlook is making some changes to the way in which you are given suggested names for your intended recipient, when you compose a new email.

If you haven’t received the update yet, then when you start typing in the ‘To’ box, you’ll be given a list of Auto-Complete suggestions.

These suggestions include (almost) anyone you have ever emailed, which is really useful if you can’t remember someone’s address and you don’t have them saved as a contact.

Recent People
With the new update, this feature has now been replaced with ‘Recent People’.

This means that when you start typing in the ‘To’ box, you will be given a suggested list of 5 of your most recent contacts.


This is still useful, but unless you have recently emailed the person you’re after, they won’t show up in your list of suggested ‘Recent People’.

And if they’re not in your list of contacts, then you will need to manually find their email address.


Our verdict?
Some of us in the projectfive office are using ‘Recent People’ and others are still using Auto-Complete.

It seems that the shift to ‘Recent People’ has forced people to start using the ‘Contacts’ feature in Outlook . With Auto-Complete, it almost didn’t require you to save email addresses to your contacts, because it would provide all the possible suggestions for you.

Being offered only 5 ‘Recent People’ – which may or may not be the person you’re actually looking for – means that it’s vital to start saving contacts outside of your organisation to your contacts folder. This will save you time in the long-run from having to sift through old emails to try and find their address.


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