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Moving from Skype for Business to Teams
December 4, 2018

Microsoft have announced that, over time, they will be replacing Skype for Business with Microsoft Teams.

If you’re an Office 365 user, you may have received an email alerting you to the proposed change, and giving you a date for the upgrade.

This is a genuine Microsoft plan to move customers across to Teams – we’ve all just moved over in the projectfive office and it’s great. You can still do all the things you did with Skype, but there’s even more functionality, such as file sharing, live-editing, project management and it makes collaborative working even easier.

Here are some how-to videos we’ve produced that give you a walk around Microsoft Teams and how to use its chat and file sharing facility:

Video 1: An introduction to Teams

Video 2: Chats and Conversations in Microsoft Teams

Video 3: Working with files in Microsoft Teams

Microsoft will be in touch with you to arrange your changeover date, but if you’re a projectfive customer and you need advice about moving to Teams, please give our team a call on 01276 455466.

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