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7 signs it’s time to switch your IT suppport team
March 22, 2018

If you’re reading this, you probably already have an IT support company looking after you. It may be a fairly new partnership, or you may have used them for years.

But what if the relationship starts to hit a few bumps and you find yourself not quite as happy with the partnership as you once were?

Here are 7 signs that it may be time to consider switching your outsourced IT provider:

1. They take too long to respond when you have a problem

2. They give the impression that they are just googling the answers and don’t really understand what’s going on.

3. They only mention that you need to upgrade when something’s actually broken, rather than planning for the upgrade years in advance.

4. When you have multiple companies telling you that ‘it’s not our fault’ – Telecoms companies, ISPs, IT Support, Printing companies, Software vendors and/or Network companies.

5. When you are not being offered proactive solutions to help you with Cyber Security, GDPR and other IT-related Business Challenges.

6. When you have sales people pushing you to buy stuff that you don’t understand, or aren’t offered alternatives at different budgets.

7. When the nice friendly IT company that you used to work with has been bought out by a bigger organisation, and you don’t feel valued anymore.


If any of these sound familiar, then switching your outsourced IT support team could be something to consider. And it’s actually easier than most people fear – just take a look at this testimonial from Mark Robson at Red Mist:

“We switched our outsourced IT support to projectfive two years ago and, despite my initial reservations of making such an important change, it has proved to be the right decision and one I wish we had taken sooner. Projectfive are an exceptional organisation that provide a first class IT service to our business. They understand our business complexities, have built key relationships with our team and they deal with all of our IT projects and issues in a calm, professional and effective manner.”

Mark Robson, Managing Director, Red Mist Leisure

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