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PetrWrap Attack: how you can protect yourself
June 28, 2017

A new bout of Ransomware called PetrWrap has hit Europe and is spreading around the globe.

Like the WannaCry virus that hit the NHS in May, it works by finding its way onto your hard drive and encrypting your files, and holding them to ransom.

How to protect yourself
There are two ways that this particular strain of ransomware can get in – the first is a vulnerability in Windows and the second is through an email link or attachment.

Professor Alan Woodward of Surrey University, suspects that an infected spreadsheet sent via email was the most likely culprit.

If you’re a projectfive customer, and you followed the advice from our MD, Steve, in his last blogpost, you will have peace of mind in terms of the vulnerability. But it is still essential for everyone to be extra vigilant where email is concerned.

For an overall guide to keeping your PC and other devices safe from the PetrWrap ransomware and other potential vulnerabilities, make sure you are following our suggestions below:

1. Never click on any links or open any attachments that you aren’t 100% sure about! Look at the sender’s email address, the name of the attached file (don’t open it!) and how they greet you (no greeting at all, a generic ‘Sir/Madam’ or by name) – can all be clues as to the authenticity of the email. And if in doubt – don’t!

2. Install regular updates – make sure all PCs and laptops are protected by the latest Windows Updates.  You can have them set to ‘automatically install’ but you do need to check that you’re up-to-date.  Alternatively, you can use programs that manage the process for you.  This is the most reliable and therefore the safest way of ensuring that you aren’t exposed to unnecessary risk.

3. Use an appropriate Perimeter Security Device for your size of business (an advanced Firewall) – this will stop a malware virus getting into your network.

4. Guest WiFi – have a separate guest wifi for visitors, rather than allowing them to use (and potentially infect) your main network.

5. Antivirus – ensure that your antivirus is suitable for your business needs and properly managed.

6. Effective Back-ups – make sure you back-up every day with a reliable back-up process so that, if you’re affected, you can roll back to a previous un-ransomed version of your data.  Remember, Backup Solutions are often different prices – but the cost difference is usually to do with how quickly you can restore your data.  The cheaper solutions will be much slower to restore.  More expensive solutions can get you back on your feet in minutes, not days.

7. CyberCrime Awareness Training – you also need to make sure your human firewall (your team!) is aware of the importance of being vigilant with the latest threats and know what to look out for.  A proper training session will demonstrate how current CyberCrime methods work and give you proper advice on how to avoid any expensive attacks.

If you are a projectfive customer and have any concerns, you can give us a call on 01276 455455 and we’ll be happy to help you.

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