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Mercedes Oliveira

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The projectfive Paddle!
September 13, 2016

Group shot 01

By day we are IT caped-crusaders – working hard to make sure our clients’ computers and systems are running smoothly, servers are working perfectly and all-things-techy are behaving themselves.

But even superheroes need a day (or two) off, so last weekend, the projectfive team headed down to Runnymede Pleasure Grounds in Windsor, for what we affectionately named the ‘projectfive paddle’.

We took some kayaks and SUPs (Stand Up Paddleboards) and those that were brave enough waded into the water to showcase their river-skills. And by skills, we mean that they stayed afloat for longer than a minute.

Mo's first go at Kayaking 01

Of course not all of us could venture into the water, because someone had to, ahem, man the picnic. So those of us that stayed on dry land got busy with a Frisbee and shouted words of support to our braver colleagues splashing around in the water!

It was a brilliant day and a lot of fun…but thank goodness we fix computers better than we paddle!

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