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Mercedes Oliveira

graphic designer

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The happiest team in orange!
February 4, 2016

Here at projectfive, we like to pride ourselves on being different from the rest. Yes, we’re a company that offers outsourced IT support, but for us, it’s much more than that – it’s about helping people and building relationships.

We also like to stand out from the rest – you may have seen our friendly techies in their bright orange t-shirts (we certainly wouldn’t lose them in a crowd!) or you might have spotted our grey and orange smart cars whizzing past you.

You certainly can’t accuse us of blending in!

So why are we the friendliest team in orange? Well it all started 17 years ago, when Steve, our MD, decided that he wanted our company to really stand out from the rest. Most of our competitors are branded ‘blue’….so what’s the furthest colour from blue?! Orange!

Here are some facts about the colour orange, which pretty much sums up what we do – and why love doing it!

Physically, the colour orange stimulates activity, appetite and our ability to socialize.
Yup, we love to be active; helping our clients and making friends. We also love to eat.

Orange is a colour that really stands out, even at a distance, and invites attention.
I think we’ve definitely got that one covered! Our clients always remember the team in orange.

Orange helps us focus our powers of concentration.
If you have an IT problem, we’ll focus on finding a solution that works for you. And we’re always motivated, because we believe in what we do.

During the Elizabethan era, only nobility were allowed to wear orange clothing.
Say no more.

An orange vehicle says you are fun loving and trendy.
We knew we were fun-loving trendsetters!

Frank Sinatra once said, “Orange is the happiest of colours.”
He obviously worked for projectfive 😉 And who are we to argue?!

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