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Employer of the Year
November 13, 2015

We’re all very pleased that we won the ‘Employer of the Year’ award at the 2015 Love Camberley awards. We beat over 380 other businesses in the Town Centre to win this prestigious award.
It’s a great recognition of the culture and atmosphere that we’ve been able to create at projectfive. This culture is built upon a shared set of Core Values that we all have – to Help People, to Make Friends, and to Stand Out.

In his acceptance speech, on stage at the Camberley Heath Golf Course, Steve Coburn (our Managing Director) praised everyone at projectfive saying… “we couldn’t win the award as the best employer without having the best employees – so this award is for all the people who run around all day wearing their orange T-shirts, keeping all our customers happy”.

The judges were impressed with some of the initiatives that we have – such as ‘Fivey Points’. This is how we describe Fivey Points to someone…

We don’t want to be known as the IT Company in Surrey that makes the most money, logs the most billable hours, or solves the most Support Calls. So, we don’t measure our team’s performance on metrics like that – if we did, they’d do the wrong thing. They’d focus on ‘closing as many Support Calls’ for example. If you phone up a helpdesk that is judged by how many Support Tickets are closed, you’ll see it. Your Ticket will be closed at the earliest opportunity, and if your problem still exists, they will open a new Support Ticket for you – and repeat until you stop phoning them (they won’t be thinking about your customer experience).

When a customer phones us we’re friendly, helpful and try and stand out – our core values! So, we had to find a way to measure that.

In the end, we decided to leave it to our team mates. At the end of every week, we all go online and award 10 points to any team member (all 10 points to one team member, or a few points shared out with several team mates – it’s our choice!). We award those points on the basis of how well our colleagues do at meeting our core values.

And, at the end of the month, the person with the most points gets an Amazon Voucher.
The result? …our people try harder to be helpful, friendly and memorable.

It’s things like this that make working for projectfive so much fun. And, thanks to the judges at the Love Camberley awards, we can now tell everyone that we’re officially the Best Employer in Camberley Town Centre!

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