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Mercedes Oliveira

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Patent Problems
October 20, 2015

It’s just as well Apple’s new line of products are flying off the shelves, after losing a legal battle this week and now being liable to pay up to £560m in damages.

The Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation (Warf) first sued Apple in early 2014 claiming the 5s and other models of iPhone had been using processors that benefited from technology developed at the University and patented in 1998. Last month Warf filed another lawsuit against Apple for using the chips in their latest products.

Intel previously paid a sum total of £71m in 2008 when they settled out of court by paying for the license to the same patent after Warf sued them for infringement.

Despite Apples argument that the patent was invalid, and therefore wasn’t able to be infringed upon, the jury sided with Warf. They are yet to confirm an amount that Apple will have to pay in damages.

Whilst it is unlikely Apple will be asked to pay the full £560m in damages, we’re sure it won’t make too big a dent in their estimated £130bn worth! They may have lost this battle, but ultimately Apple still seem to be winning the war.

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Update: Apple have been ordered to pay $234m (£151.5M)

The projectfive team.

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