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Mercedes Oliveira

graphic designer

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Amazon Outage
September 23, 2015

We all love a lazy Sunday, that is if we are equipped with the essentials to keep us entertained, however a server fault in the US meant some people had a quieter Sunday than they had wished.

A problem with an Amazon Web Service server, in America meant that Netflix, Reddit, Viber and even Tinder were amongst the many apps and websites to experience an outage throughout Sunday, leaving subscribers at a loss of what to do with their day:

The outage that lasted approximately 6 hours wasn’t the first for Amazon, in 2013 a technical error with Amazon Web Services disrupted the use of popular apps Instagram and Airnbnb. Buzzfeed estimated at the time that the service would be losing a potential $1,104 in net sales per second, on average.

Following 6 hours, an apology from Amazon and plenty of twitter rants, service (and peace) was restored as social media got back to their #NetflixAndChill!

Did the service outage affect you? Let us know below in the comments section

The Projectfive team.

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