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Mercedes Oliveira

graphic designer

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A Dash of Colour
September 7, 2015

Saturday morning may have started out a little grey but the Phyllis Tuckwell “Dash of Colour” fun run was more than enough to brighten our day, in more ways than one.

The projectfive team arrived nice and early at Frimley Lodge Park to set up the Orange Zone, with a little help from the Collectively Camberley team.

We made sure we were prepared with plenty of orange paint, we had buckets, squeezy bottles and even a ‘fire extinguisher’ full of orange paint.

After testing our paint throwing skills on each other, we were ready to go. Nobody was going to be safe!

The fun-run attracted over 1,500 runners in total, which meant a constant stream of paint was needed in the orange-zone. It wasn’t long before the fire extinguisher was set off creating a huge orange cloud that covered everything in sight and didn’t disperse for a good few minutes. It was fair to say we made more than just a dash of colour.

We might have been a little too enthusiastic though – as we’d run out of orange paint before the final runners passed through the orange zone.  It meant that some runners rolled along the floor to make sure they were properly orange before moving on towards the finish line.

Once the excitement had all died down, it was time to pack away, but not beforewe checked out some of our friends at the different coloured stations. Morrisons Solicitors had the pink station covered, Nuffield Health had green, Cane Adam: Paint & Tools with Yellow, Branston Adams with Blue and Red Mist Leisure with…you guessed it, Red!

Our favourite was definitely Branston Adams – because the blue paint made them look like Smurfs!

Congratulations to Laura, Georgie and the rest of the Phyllis Tuckwell fundraising team for making such an enjoyable day possible and raising so much money for such a great cause.

We can’t wait for our next opportunity to be able to help our friends in the local community – it’s what we enjoy doing in our spare time!

For more information on the Phyllis Tuckwell Hospice Care and how you can help out, please visit:

The projectfive team.

One response to “A Dash of Colour”

  1. Melody King says:

    Thank you so much for your paint throwing – it was a fantastic day and you got my mum so well she looked like she’d been tango’d!!

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