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Mercedes Oliveira

graphic designer

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Windows 10 Shortcuts
August 20, 2015

So Windows 10 is finally here, and whilst it has had great feedback so far, getting to grips with a new layout after an upgrade still has its challenges. So we’re here to show you what helped us get used to, and navigate our way through Windows 10 a little easier.

One of the best new features: “Cortana” is easily accessed, use the windows key + C to open in listening mode. Another cool new feature worth noting is the “Narrator” to access this just press the windows key + Enter.

A few other useful shortcuts to cover the basics include:

Windows Key + E – Opens File Explorer

Widows Key + I – Opens Settings

Windows Key + S – Opens Search

The addition of virtual desktops to Windows with the latest update is one of its most useful, having already been present on Mac and Linux this feature has proved to be highly popular with users, and here’s a few shortcuts on how to quickly take advantage of this feature:

To create virtual desktop press – Windows + Ctrl + D

To switch to a virtual desktop on the left press – Windows + Ctrl + Left Arrow

To switch to a virtual desktop on the right press – Windows + Ctrl + Right Arrow

And to close the virtual desktop you are currently using just press – Windows + Ctrl + F4

Another new useful little feature is the snap tool, previously known as “Aero Snap” on Windows 7, it’s been upgraded to snap windows vertically as opposed to horizontally and other small improvements. The shortcuts for this are:

Snap window to the left – Windows Key + Left

Snap window to the right – Windows Key + Right

Snap windows down – Windows Key + down

Snap Windows up – Windows Key + up

And finally, if these shortcuts aren’t quite enough there’s always one last one to get you the help you need:

Windows Key + F1 = Help!

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