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Mercedes Oliveira

graphic designer

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Even stressballs need holidays to de-stress!
August 8, 2014

If you have visited the projectfive offices you may have spotted some ‘ctrl’ ‘alt’ and ‘del’ stressballs rolling around the place. You may have even heard Steve talk about the most important stress ball from the set and advise that you should never give away the ‘Ctrl’ stress ball because “you should never give up control”!
But after desk hopping, and skipping amongst the staff in the offices, they are heading off on their own adventures to an assortment of holiday destinations. Accompanied by different members of our team as well as a variety of projectfive clients, they have been exploring the world and joining holiday snapshots, some even taking ‘selfies’! They have even ventured to sunnier climates to top up their orange tans, because even stressballs need a change of scenery to de-stress!



Following the warm holiday season, the stress ball piccies are starting to make their way back to us….keep an eye out for their #stressballholiday album on Twitter.

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