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Mercedes Oliveira

graphic designer

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Finalists in the Toast of Surrey Awards!
March 14, 2014

I’m really proud of the projectfive team… last night all 17 of us attended the Toast of Surrey Award Ceremony as finalists.
We were unlucky as we didn’t win. That honour went to Gold-I. But, we did really well to make it into the final against some very stiff competition.
Surrey is such a fantastic region and there are so many successful companies here. For projectfive to be recognised as one of the leading companies in Surrey is a fantastic public recognition of what our team have been able to achieve.
The Awards Ceremony itself was great fun. If you were there, we were the noisy couple of tables where all the guys were wearing orange bow ties. You couldn’t miss us!
What was so good about the evening is that so many of our friends came up afterwards to congratulate us. It was really nice to see such support – we really appreciate it, thank you.
And, it was also funny to see that projectfive were the only people on the dance floor, and the last ones to leave the bar at 01:00. It shows that, for us, meeting people was more important than winning.
Well done Sarah, Hazel, Phil, Gemma, Leanne, Michael, Simon, Brad, Sylvie, Kevin O, Kevin T, Scott, Neil, Andy, Andrew and Amanda. Thank you and I hope you had a great evening.

3 responses to “Finalists in the Toast of Surrey Awards!”

  1. B Flynn says:

    Well done team -it’s the taking part that counts and clearly you have sufficient spirit to take part and enjoy -all of which are equally important factors in the road to success!

  2. Perdita Hunt says:

    The world is orange. You connect our worlds, you stick with us through thick and thin, you have a laugh, you plant a kiss, you make it happen and you go down to the depth of the cavern to fix things. We could not work without you and offer Art for All. Being runner up is a place we know well – you are infact the winners because you get the sympathy vote and that is far more important. Best wishes from us all at Watts Gallery.

  3. David Hartley says:

    We’ve been using projectfive since it was pretty much just Steve, now with a team around him who all work to the same ethic as him they make a formidable team.

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