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Twitterhunt for Digital Surrey
August 1, 2011

August’s Digital Surrey event is going to be something a little different – it’s a TwitterHunt!  It will be a ‘treasure hunt’ around the Guildford/Farnham area that culminates in a BBQ at a lovely country pub.  But we’re not going to tell you where – not just yet, anyway!

  • Date:  Wednesday 17th August 2011
  • Venue: it’s a secret at this stage – it’s a TwitterHunt after all!
  • Venue Description:  It will be a pub in the Farnham Area, where a BBQ will be served and people can socialise after the TwitterHunt.
  • Still want to know the Venue?  There will be a ‘help’ number on the night in case anyone can’t figure out the location.
  • Timings:  TwitterHunt starts at 18:00.  TwitterHunt Ends/Arrive at pub from 19:30/20:00.  BBQ from 20:00/20:30.
  • Cost: £10 per head (includes BBQ Food and a donation to the victims of the famine in Sudan – but does not include drinks)

 There will be no speaker on the night – the focus will be on enjoying the TwitterHunt and having a fun, social time afterwards.  And, as we’re Digital Surrey, we’ll be using the wonders of Social Media to provide the clues you need to get to the BBQ.

 If you want to take part, then the first step is to register for the event at our Eventbrite site. 

 You’ll be able to complete a route to the Twitterhunt Destination if you work alone in front of your computer – but, it will be a lot more fun if you join a team and complete the route in person.

 So, once your place is secured, take a look through the list of participants, get in contact with them and form a team (two people up to 4/5 per team – enough for a car-load). 

 Once you’ve got your team sorted, think up a name, and email/tweet the details to @projectfive.  If you don’t know anyone on the list, then contact @projectfive and they will introduce you to others who are looking to join a team.

 And, once you’ve registered your team, we’ll give you a special ‘helpdesk’ number to call on the night – just in case you get really lost and can’t decipher some of the clues.  We don’t want you missing out on your BBQ Food!  But, don’t worry – the clues will be really easy, and you’ll have a lot of fun solving them on the night.

 @projectfive will collect the £10 per head from you and ensure that the BBQ costs are met.  You will be able to arrange payment in advance, once you’ve registered your place.

 Closing Date for registration is midnight on Sunday 14th August.  Don’t forget, you will need access to a Smart Phone or some way to send and receive tweets on the night, and possibly access to Google/Bing – plus a car/driver for your team.

 You will receive all other details, on the day, via Twitter.

 Happy Twitterhunting!

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