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More Twin-Screen ideas…
January 2, 2010

Last year’s article on using two-screens on your computer prompted a lot of response – so we thought we’d do a little follow-up for you.

Many of you agreed and said that it has transformed the way in which you use your computer and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it.  Plus, we’ve had a whole bunch of people requesting a second monitor for their PCs – amazing what a difference an article can make to your sales!

Multi-Multi Monitors.  One question that we were asked a few times was ‘how can I have more than two monitors?’ – well, there are graphics cards than can be installed into PC s that enable multiple monitors to be connected.  We run one in the office that has four screens attached to it – and it’s great for being able to keep an eye on 4 different ‘dashboards’ and ‘warning/performance screens’ at the same time.

Samsung LD220 from projectfiveA USB Monitor from Samsung.  We highlighted that you can purchase a USB Graphics Adapter that means you can easily add extra monitors to PCs – but now, there’s a USB Monitor available!  The Samsung LD220 is a 22” Widescreen monitor that plugs into your Laptop or Desktop using a simple USB connection.  It costs £155 ex VAT and Delivery.  Plus, you can plug up to 6 of these monitors into the same PC if you wanted!

Managing Multiple Monitors.  Shaun Woodward of Principle International, recommended the use of – a multi-Monitor task bar.  Why not give it a try?

Thanks for all of your input – it’s really interesting to hear how IT is making a difference to your everyday business lives.  Please keep the comments coming. 

Sarah Giles,
Business Development Manager, projectfive.

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