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Mercedes Oliveira

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Paper Show – a new tool for bringing your presentation to life.
April 30, 2009

Paper Show – a new tool for bringing your presentation to life.

Paper ShowNow this is an exciting new piece of technology for anyone who has meetings, uses flip charts, gives presentations, and uses PowerPoint. 

Does that sound like you?  Then read on…

Paper Show is a new twist on the handwriting technology that we’ve been enthusing about for years.  The starter kit is not expensive – at £120 it’s certainly not the same kind of money as a SMART Board.  But – it does the same kind of thing!

Plug the little USB key into your PC.  This opens the Paper Show software and that’s it – you’re ready to go.  Then, and this is the magic part, take the Paper Show pen and begin to write on the Paper Show paper – and your notes appear on your computer screen.

If your computer is connected to a projector and shining on the wall, then these notes are there for everyone to see.  If anyone else wants to write notes, just hand them the pen & paper and away they go.  And when your meeting is finished, save the notes as a PowerPoint show, or PDF, and email them to all the attendees.Paper Show - Digital Pen

So, how does it work?  The special pen has a camera in it that picks up where it is on the page by reading the very faint grey dots on the paper.  Other than that, it’s a normal ballpoint pen writing on normal paper.  The Pen is then linked via Bluetooth back to the PC – which means you can walk around the meeting room/training room and still interact with the computer.

It works in one of two ways – either as a ‘whiteboard’ to record notes on multiple ‘flip-chart’ pages (you can go backwards and forwards through the pages during a meeting), or with PowerPoint (where you can draw on your slides during a presentation and save the updates at the end of the meeting).

In PowerPoint mode, you can even advance your slides with your pen.Paper Show

We’ve been using the Digital Pen technology for years to record electronic versions of our hand written notes.  And, we’ve been using the SMART Board in meetings/presentations in our offices for quite some time now.  But, by combining the two technologies, Oxford Press have created something really rather special in Paper Show.

It’s not expensive, it’s very easy to use, and it’s extremely portable.  And we’re really pleased to be able to sell it to our customers here in the UK.

If you’d like to see a demo, please get in contact with projectfive and we’ll be happy to show you what it does.

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